Seismic Skate - Hollow Puck Risers (Hex)
Seismic Skate - Hollow Puck Risers (Hex)

Seismic Skate - Hollow Puck Risers (Hex)

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Seismic Lightweight 10mm Hollow Puck Risers
Price is for a pair of two (2) Slide Puck Risers. Gloves and Slide Pucks not included.

Easier Reach • Less Glove Wear • Fuller Puck Life • Less Vibration
Unique beveled central hollow for easier removal from worn pucks.

Seismic Hollow Puck Risers add space between your hands and puck sliding surfaces, to let you squeeze every last drop out of your pucks without burning your gloves or tearing up your fingers and hands. Also helps you plant puck to road if you have limited wrist, knee, or hip mobility… or just plain ol’ short arms! The lightweight material absorbs vibration and impacts, for greater comfort during slides and to help prevent hand/wrist injury in the event of falls.

Precision fit with Seismic Premium Extra-Hard pucks (regular and flinted). Lightweight and durable. Unique beveled central hollow saves weight, adds strong fingerhold to pull riser off worn puck. Hex shape lets you clock puck-and-riser to preferred hand mobility zone.
Outer diameter 3.25″ / 82.5mm; hollow inner diameter 1.18″ / 30mm.  10mm thick.