Cloud Ride - Slide Blue 83a 70mm (B-Grade)
Cloud Ride - Slide Blue 83a 70mm (B-Grade)
Cloud Ride - Slide Blue 83a 70mm (B-Grade)

Cloud Ride - Slide Blue 83a 70mm (B-Grade)

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The Cloud Ride Slide wheels do exactly what the name says: they slide! This 70mm wheel is pre-broken in so that it's ready for slides right out of the wrapper. The thing that sets this wheel different from other wheels on the market is the design behind the shape and the ergonomic lip design. It's tapered so that when you slide you won't catch a sharp lip, which means less high siding, keeping your slides going longer and longer. It's a sick shape with a sick urethane, giving you an even sicker ride! Poured in sunny California,  USA. 

When you see 'B-Grade' or '2nd' in the product description, it means that the wheel has one or more cosmetic blemishes. These blemishes do not affect the overall structural integrity of the wheel, and we sell them at great discounts! They work perfectly, and you usually can't tell the difference unless you are looking at the wheel up close. Buying a B-Grade is a great way to save some money while still getting an amazing product. B-Grade wheel blemishes may include but are not limited to: 

Misaligned graphics
Minor nicks and bubbles

BRAND: Cloud Ride
MODEL: Slide (B-Grade)
SIZE: 70mm
DURO: 83a
NOTE: B-Stock wheels have minor blemishes, but do not affect performance at all.