Rayne - 2020 Libido 31 (B-Grade)
Rayne - 2020 Libido 31 (B-Grade)
Rayne - 2020 Libido 31 (B-Grade)
Rayne - 2020 Libido 31 (B-Grade)
Rayne - 2020 Libido 31 (B-Grade)

Rayne - 2020 Libido 31 (B-Grade)

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The new and improved Libido has been tested and retested by our team riders and is built to grip corners, weave through the pack and hold lines you never thought possible.

Sometimes you just want a board that is going to grip like a Chinese finger trap, look no further. The Libido can handle the curves at Maryhill or your favorite garage without skipping a beat, and in a package small enough to comfortably rip around town or jam in a school locker.

The deck features two spoon-shaped pockets to hold both of your feet in a rockered position making holding your tuck and weaving through packs as easy as possible, keeping your feet locked on your board without needing to reposition your feet.

When you see 'B-Grade' or '2nd' in the product description, it means that the board has one or more cosmetic blemishes. These blemishes do not affect the overall structural integrity of the board, and we sell them at great discounts! They work perfectly, and you usually can't tell the difference unless you are looking at the board up close. Buying a B-Grade is a great way to save some money while still getting an amazing product. B-Grade board blemishes may include but are not limited to: 

  • Discolored graphics
  • Misaligned graphics
  • Depressions (in wheel wells etc.)
  • Bamboo core cracks filled with resin
  • Scratches

MODEL: 2020 Libido 31 (B-Grade)
SIZE: 31" x 9"
WHEELBASE: 20.5" - 22.5"